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Farthia is an Earthlike world, thriving with many races, all with their own cultures and histories. From the Western Steppes where the Minotaur herds roam, to the Eastern Eyries where the Stormlords roost, many races call the continent of Andorei home. Squabbling human lordlings form the Cadlen Union, ever wary of the mercurial Selkies of Dragonmouth. The Bronze Crest is the hearth of the dwarves, cool-blooded salamander-humanoids who have mastered the deep places of the world. The Silver Woods, beyond the northern borders of the Steppe Herds host the long-limbed Elves, who take their direction from the sentient Forest that they call home. Descending the eastern flanks of the Bronze Crest are the Riverlands, an enormous watershed through the heartlands of Andorei. This is the realm of the Ferriers, who run a vast ferry service across the many rivers that give the region its name. The rivers flow south, some hugging the Bronze Crest to empty near Dragonmouth, and others form the Golbash delta, a floodplain a thousand kilometers wide, and home the the insular Fens. Sailing east past the Delta, the land rises again, into the highlands of the Stormlords. Their mastery of weather and the beasts of the high peaks give them unquestioned dominion over these formidable mountains.