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Fanren yu

1527 ZZX - 04 - 18

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There exist millions of world-systems in the vast infinite space of the universe, governed by the universal principles of the "Ying and Yang". Our solar system is just one of the infinite number of world systems. My story is about another world system, which is quite similar to ours. Since there are an uncountable number of world systems, it is complicated to tell it specifically, but we can say it is westwards from here, about a hundred billion world systems across.   This specific world system is known as "The system of the Jade worlds", or also known as the "Yu shijie xitong" by the beings who exist in this particular world system. There exist three realms of existence, namely "The Realm of Guangming yu", "The Realm of Hei yu" and "The Realm of Fanren yu". Both Guangming yu and Hei yu are spirit realms, and they are of means great influence in the governance of the universal law of the "Ying and Yang". Both are needed for the balance of the world system. Fanren yu is the mortal realm of Yu shijie xitong. Both the influence of the "Ying and Yang" are flowing here. I will be mainly focusing on Fanren yu Realm.   According to most of the features, Fanren yu is similar to our planet Earth, although there are also some major differences between them as well. The beings living here are as same as those in Fanren yu. Humans are the main beings. Almost all the people have the abilities, instincts, skills and knowledge on Martial Arts, mainly Kung Fu, along with other martial arts such as ones similar to the Japanese Martial Arts. The Legend says that they were originated in Fanren yu due to a coincidence that happened in the spirit realms. Therefore, this world is also known as "The Wushu shijie".