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Fanfiction Author

Based on the Once Upon a Time idea of "The Author," this profession requires the Author to travel and to manipulate reality to its "correct" position. However, given that the general rules of the Author are horribly simplistic - be a writer, have a special pen, have access to a secondary world, do not manipulate your own fate - this opens the door for a whole host of loopholes - particularly when it comes to fanfiction writers. While an writer like Steven Moffat or Harriet Stratemeyer or C.S. Lewis or Adam & Eddy (the creators of OUAT) can create a world or build on it, a fanfiction writer tends to fully hone all possibilities of "what if," seeing the full potential of multiple timeline possibilities based on decisions made by characters both past and present. Every fanfiction writer who has ever hit upon an idea for a story that rings true for the characters and them, who seeks out the endless possible threads, who writes a thousand one-shots or one massive fic, is technically a Fanfiction Author. This does not mean every Author in the Edge of Seventeen/Mysteries Just Find Me world is innocent, though - some ARE looking for a means of controlling reality or their own fates, and some are literally dueling for the right to tell their story.



In OUAT, Pinocchio tells us that Authors have existed since "cavemen drew pictures on walls." The first Author acknowledged in this world is therefore the creator of Gilgamesh, but the first Fanfiction author is Plato, who wrote about Atlantis based off of real events happening around him and speculations about the past. Though an angry seer struck him down eventually for manipulating the reality of her people (she was a time traveler from the actual time of Atlantis's sinking), it was already too late to turn back. Gradually, writers such as the Brothers Grimm and Shakespeare joined the fray. The legends of heroes in Africa and Native America became more than real. Authors like Dickens and Tolkien got to act through their stories and write them (Tolkien really is Bombadil in this world). And a young gender-neutral child named Avery writes his best friends' happy endings because they can't write their own.

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Aug 8, 2023 01:58

Stumbled upon this since I'm a fanfiction writer myself and was intrigued by the title. I barely know OUAT, but did a little bit of research and thought about the article for a bit - I love how you mention how fanfiction writers inside your world use their skills for good or evil. It would be fascinating to explore this, especially when several people try to write fanfictions for the same person or event and the world around them seems to crumble. Would The Author be able to fix it? I'd love to know. Love the work and keep it going!

Aug 15, 2023 16:46 by Pam Frei

This is a very interesting concept! I appreciate that the Fanfic author has 'rules' and that some still break them. I love that this is a profession in your creation and that changes made can impact your own life.

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Aug 28, 2023 07:52

Well that's an interesting take on what fanfiction writing is. I'm not very knowledgeable on OUAT's universe, but I like the idea of fanfiction authors just messing with other writers' reality!

Hoo~ Hoo