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Fane is a world that was long at one war or another. Over the last century and a half, however, there has been nearly uninterrupted peace. This period began in the year 1512 WI when the entire population of Rilas capital of Neglos mysteriously vanished, ending a conflict that would come to be known as The Final War. Cities larger than had ever been seen previously started popping up across every nation. The presence of magic users began centralizing in these metropolises, but so has crime and poverty. Every city has different government structures, some unique others decided by the leaders of the nations they reside in. Arcanist enclaves, religious orders, trade guilds, and criminal underworld elements all also vie for power and influence in these unstable societies.   Scientific and technological advancement became a priority during this time. This period of knowledge gain was initially to gain competitive advantages in future wars. When those wars never came, many nations began cooperating with each other further increasing the rate of advancement. The most notable scientific breakthroughs were in the field of chemistry and the discovery of Arodeyr Matter, particles that exist in all things which gifted few people have been able to harness into many forms of magic since time immemorial. Technological leaps notably include motorization and firearms.   While most nations cooperate with each other to some extent, it is not universal by any means. They keep secrets and maintain spy networks in rival lands, as well as form various alliances with other countries. As power dynamics shift among the different groups and nations, tensions begin to brew once more. A new war seems imminent, some factions work to prevent another conflict, some prepare to defend their lands, others position themselves to profit from it.

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