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Calik and the Imp

In most kingdoms around Jal Plains, a story that is often told by kids parents to scare them into their good behavior is one named Calik and the Imp. It goes as written here:     A man named Calik was a very simple man. He worked on a farm a little ways from the Kingdom of Tiatal. Calik helped his dad harvest the wheat. Every year, Calik and his Father would go to the Kingdom to sell their harvest. One year, Calik and his father set up their shop in the market. They sold a bundle of wheat for five gold pieces each. That year, a small, red imp with fiery eyes and little wings flew up to the boy.      The little imp told the kid, "You make so little gold, boy. Why don't you raise the price?"      The boy looked to the imp and replied, "My dad names the price, not me. I couldn't raise it if I tried."      The imp glanced the boy over from his perch on a barrel of wheat, "You can say that the people did not pay all five pieces."      The boy nearly screamed at the tiny imp, "That would be lying though!"     "It would only be a few more gold pieces," the imp chastened.     "The guards could catch me. If they did, I wouldn't make it another day!" the boy said fearfully back at the imp.     "Think of your dad. How happy he would be to see how much gold you made," the imp retorted persuasively.     "I guess he would be proud of me," Calik drifted off.     And so, the boy began to deceive his customers, telling them they were one or two gold pieces short. Calik slipped the gold into the jar they kept their money. When the father came back, the boy showed his rewards. The father inspected the gold carefully.      Then, the man told his son, "That is not your gold. This gold belongs to the customers. You tricked them into giving them your gold."     The boy looked fearfully at his father, "I didn't mean to father! It was an imp! An imp told me to!"     The father called the guards, "My son stole from the men of this city!"     Calik stumbled away from the oncoming guards, "I didn't mean to father! I'm sorry! Please, father!"     But Calik's father did not stop the guards, he told his the boy instead, "You are not my son any longer."     And so, the guards took the boy away. They threw him in a cell in the dungeon. The boy stayed there for years, eating the chunky soup that the dungeon offered. Then Calik fell sick to Swollen Throat. And the boy died there, his throat swelling until he suffocated.

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