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The Two-Faced

The Two-Faced   The Two-Faced, humanoids with second faces covering their chests and stomachs, are not so much a species as a bodily shape that has come back into use among small numbers of Fae, following the theft of a number of manuscripts from one of the secure libraries of the Knights of Forgotten Shapes. The Two-Faced shape was added to the catalogue of the forbidden and knowledge of it suppressed not due to its grotesque appearance, but because the dual faces reflect a split in mind which (supposedly) inevitably occurs in a Fae who takes on this type of shape, with the two mouths able to speak different contradictory ideas. This inevitably leads to falsehoods or at least ambiguities which breach Fae taboos.   The Two-Faced who existed at the time of the shape's forbiddance were supposedly "encouraged" to change shape to something more palatable, but in practice many were violently purged out of fear and zeal. This was partly due to these events taking place in the aftermath of the catastrophe which left the throne of the High King in Carduel empty - although the Realms were in recovery by the time of the purge, there was still a great deal of lingering fear and trauma and a desire to find scapegoats and targets for generalized wrath.   The existence of Two-Faced in the past may provide an explanation for some of the outlandish depictions of creatures living in unknown regions of Earth on maps created in historical times. This is true of many other creatures appearing in myths, folktales, wild tales of travel in remote regions and similar, such as dragons, which may have been glimpsed by humans who found themselves close to Crossing Places, either seeing Fae who strayed into Earth in unearthly shapes or themselves straying into or beyond the Crossing Places.

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