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"Sir. Kotenn is here to see you."   Lukan looked up, his pen tapping against the paper in front of him. "Who?"   The officer blinked. "The... Head of the Adventurer's Guild? From Melodis? She says it's urgent."   "Oh." Lukan set down his pen. "Send her in, then."   "At once, sir." The officer bowed and hurried out of the room. A moment later, the door opened again and Kotenn stepped into the room.   "Apologies for the interruption-"   "Close the door." Lukan stood up, setting about brewing tea.   "Ah... Yes, of course." Kotenn closed the door. "I'm here about-"   "Have a seat."   "What? Oh, right... Thank you." Kotenn sat down. "I've-"   "Milk or sugar?"   "... No, thank you. Sir, I've come on urgent business."   Lukan set a mug in front of Kotenn. "So I've heard. Tell me, then."   "I've received intelligence regarding the infestation. Whoever or whatever is behind it, they're not working alone. An adventuring party investigating it found notes left by Entropy."   Lukan, halfway through pouring tea, stopped. "... She's back, then?"   "It would seem so. Perhaps if you spoke to her-"   "Spoke to her? If I or any other member of my Order got within ten miles, she'd know and she'd vanish. No, that won't be possible."   Kotenn sighed, a strained sound filled with worry. "What do we do, then? We can't do nothing."   A long pause, and then Lukan looked at her appraisingly. "We will have to send someone else. Someone... Unassociated with my Order."


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