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The man's eyes were glazed over. His footsteps were heavy on the slick stone.   "He is here, my love," the male drow murmured.   The female drow turned around and smiled at the man. "Welcome, young one. Do you have a name?"   The man stopped walking. "Cody... Your Grace..."   "Cody." The female drow stepped forward and placed a hand on his cheek. "Welcome home."   The man's face twisted, but no sound left his mouth. As his body grew lower to the ground, the female drow's hand lowered with him, remaining there as hair grew in between her fingers, his body warping until, finally, a large spider stood before her.   "Beautiful," she murmured. She turned to the male drow. "We have enough on the surface now, I think. Take him below."   The male drow bowed. "Of course." He whistled and headed down the tunnel. The spider followed.   The female drow turned back to look at the mass of spiders in the cave below her.   "Soon, my loves... Soon you will hunt any prey you desire."


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