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The tiefling whistled cheerfully as she made her way through the halls, bare feet making quiet tapping sounds on the stone floors. She heard the sound of arguing up ahead, followed by a slamming door, and smiled.   "I'm ho-ome!" she sang. Another door slammed, then the one at the end of the hall opened.   "You're not supposed to be here," a gruff voice said. "Thought you'd be in Arleneas another few days."   The tiefling slid past him into the room, bowing deeply and a bit dramatically to the woman within. "Trouble, dearie, with the Arlenean mission. Seems the Adventurer's Guild isn't too fond of our little operation."   The woman looked over at her, none too pleased--disapproving even, the tiefling thought. "Was it too much for you to handle?"   The tiefling laughed, the sound of an infernal bell echoing throughout the halls. "Only in that it was ever so tedious. One of them saw me and came right towards me, like a fly willingly going to a web." She lifted up to stand on her toes, holding herself there with ease. "But capturing them so early would be terribly dull. I've always liked to play with my food."   The woman sighed. "Your drama will be the death of all my endeavors."   "Nonsense! Only the ones it kills, dearie!" The tiefling smiled, bowed again, and turned to leave. "I'm due for a nice, warm bath~ Before you send me out into the cold again! Ta-ta!"   As the tiefling vanished, the door slammed shut, and then there was silence.


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