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Angels and Devils XXXIII

Temerity waited in the throne room for news of the arrest. Her vision was still bothering her, but she was trying to push it aside. If anything, worrying about it would weaken her resolve. And with her family out of the way, she wouldn't have to worry about them trying to control her.   She smiled and slowly sat on the throne, her fingers drumming on the armrests. She'd expected to feel at least something, but she didn't. There was no sense of accomplishment, no feeling that she was getting closer to what she wanted. She scoffed and stood up.   "Empress Temerity," she mused. "As if that'd be enough."   The doors swung open and Steliana strode in. She bowed. "We have returned," she said. "The execution will take place at noon tomorrow."   Temerity smiled. "Excellent. Everything is going as planned."


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