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Angels and Devils XXXII

Temerity closed the door to her and Eisna's room, taking several deep breaths.   "How did it go with your sister?" Eisna asked.   Temerity sighed. "Not great. She's not happy about this, and she doesn't want to come to the wedding. And my parents..." Her eyes narrowed. "Still think they can make me do whatever they want."   Eisna frowned. "They really think you'll listen to them? After how you grew up?"   "Apparently so." Temerity sat down and crossed her arms. "If they weren't my parents, I'd kill them myself."   Eisna stepped behind her and massaged her shoulders. "You know," he said, "I heard a rumor that the Veretta family has been harboring traitors."   Temerity smiled. "Oh really?"   "Really. In fact, one of their known associates was recently executed for crimes against the crown."   "Well, if they're conspiring against the emperor himself, I suppose there's really no helping it."   "No helping it at all." Eisna stepped back. "Why don't you get some rest? I'll take care of everything."   Temerity stood and faced him. "The hounds will eat well soon." She kissed him, then stretched as she headed back into the bedroom. For a moment, she saw the barren field, steps in front of her leading up. She faltered and looked up, seeing Taziel's nearly unrecognizable body chained to the wall. A shiver went down her spine and she felt a hand on the back of her neck. She tried to turn her head, but couldn't. Then someone whispered something right next to her ear.   "Can you really keep your resolve forever, little empress?"


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