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Aftermath I

Lysekk swooped down outside the mouth of the cave. "Thu!" He tried to suppress the panic.   A moment passed before Thusre flew out of the cave. "Lys!" She landed in front of him and pushed her forehead against his neck. "You made it too... Thank the gods."   Lysekk nodded. "I thought... Are you okay? Are you injured at all?"   "No. I'm-" She stopped, looking past Lysekk, and Lysekk turned to see a third dragon coming towards them. The dragon landed, and both Lysekk and Thusre dipped their heads to him.   "Zyxys," Lysekk said. "I can't say I'm surprised, but I'm glad to see you as well."   "And you, Lysekk," Zyxys rumbled. "Miss Thusre." He nodded respectfully. "I've sent Alst to find out which others survived, and to tell them to come here--I figured this was where I'd find you if you made it."   "Do you know about any of the others?" Thusre asked, voice clouded with worry.   "Melykka is fine," Zyxys assured her, and she sighed in relief. "Glade as well."   Lysekk made a face near disgust. "Of all the people to survive..."   "Anyone is better than no one," Thusre said quietly.   "She's right," Zyxys agreed. "We'll need all the companionship we can get." There was a pause, then he continued. "I haven't heard from Idon. I've tried reaching out, and... Nothing."   Lysekk bowed his head. "The same with Atia." He looked at Thusre, and she bowed her head as well, shaking it.   "Zyla is silent. Though she's never been the most... Communicative. If Sialess or Riena are alive, we should ask them about Ykona. If she's gone quiet, then..."   Lysekk gave a single nod, then looked out over the valley below. "... It's all gone. Kausan... Is gone."   Thusre nudged Lysekk with her nose, then wrapped her neck around his. He closed his eyes, his breathing deep for a moment, before his eyes opened again, narrowed, and his claws dug into the ground.   "She did this."


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