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Ferrians are the citizens of the great City-State of Ferrus. They are a hardy stock of humanity descendants of the Mighty Host which is arguably the most fearsome army on the face of Eyf Melar. They are tall, dark-haired, light-eyed, and tend towards stout. The men favor beards and the women braids. They are a disciplined people with a mandatory service in the military at age of majority. Their entire populace can mobilize to fight if needed. They value bravery, strength, and honor. They like law and structure and despise chaos and uncertainty.   The Ferrians hale from a nomadic military force called the Mighty Host. When they conquered the citadel of the Peakmen, their people decided to settle down. This was the origin of the City-State of Ferrus. Since that time, the Ferrians have been through many conflicts, trials, and changes. Over the centuries, they have become less barbaric and more civilized though they are still feared in Eyf Melar as a dangerous folk with a a short temper barely kept in check.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Common Female Names: Tyrhea, Rochelle, Addara, Dyreena

Masculine names

Common Male Names: Tyrric, Rochen, Addorn, Dyrune

Family names

Ferrians have a Birthname (their first name), a Bloodname (their surname), and a rank within the Echelon of the Mighty Host. This is both their military caste and how high they have risen with the society.   Common Surnames: Cleftshield, Halfspear, Hightower, Ramhead

Other names

Example #1: 1st Captain Dyrune Hightower Example #2: Senior Sergeant Addara Ramhead


Major language groups and dialects


Shared customary codes and values

Discipline, honor, and order are core values of Ferrian society. Adherence to the strict chain of command laid out in the Echelon (the military caste system to which all are bound).

Common Etiquette rules

There are many old traditions that primarily deal with a soldier's life. For example, taking off a helm (and now hats) while inside the home of an ally. Another is the clasping of forearms in greeting instead of hands. This stems from the need to check if the other person is hiding weapons in their sleeves.

Major organizations

Iron Territory, City-State of Ferrus, the Mighty Host, Smiths of Ferrus
Related Locations

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