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New Character Guide

The BCL campaign is a deep and immersive role-playing experience, and your character is THE most important part. While you can create as many characters as you please, you will only be able to play as one character per campaign at a time, and campaigns typically last a VERY long time, so before you decide on a character, you should make absolutely sure that you're content with their design. Being able to immerse your character with the setting of the BCL campaign will go a long way in providing a deep and enjoyable experience, and there are a few guidelines that must be followed in order to meet the bare minimum expectations. This guide is here to help with that.   While the lore of the campaign highlights numerous unique races and locations, the campaign itself begins on Planetary Earth, which is predominantly occupied by lower and middle class humans, many of which have never even actually visited space. Your starting character shouldn't clash with this, and you should stick to creating a character that would be expected to originate from this setting. This doesn't mean that you're stuck with playing a middle-class human from earth, but any deviations should be believable and have an explanation.   A terrible example:
Angelica Shadowsoul was born on a faraway planet, she is the last of her species, a vampire-demon-angel hybrid with cat-like ears. She came to earth one day to provide these lowly humans with her grace and presence should they worship her, or death and destruction if they should not.
  A bad example:
Eric "Smokes-A-Lot" Farley is the trillionaire CEO of a number of space corporations, and owns several mansions on Earth, Mars, Luna, and other planets. He is currently visiting his mansion on Earth and decided to become an employee of some small unheard of corporation for a change.
  A good example:
Bob Durvish was born in space rather than on earth, and spent most of his life in space. He grew tired of his way of life and decided he wanted to experience what life was like on his species' homeworld, and spent most of his savings to pay for a one-way trip to Earth.
  In the first example, the character is completely over-writing the lore and inserting their own. Even if such a character existed in the setting, they would have no legitimate reason to want to take part in the BCL campaign.   In the second example, the character is believable, and could very well exist in the setting, but has no believably legitimate reason to want to take part in the BCL campaign.   In the third example, even though the character doesn't fit within the guidelines, they fit within the setting, and they're much more likely to have a legitimate reason to join the BCL campaign.   As a general guideline, your character shouldn't be so unique that they share almost no qualities with the suggested character, any qualities that are different should fit within the setting, the character shouldn't be uniquely gifted in ways that give them an overwhelming advantage in the campaign, and the character should have believable motives for their reason to join the BCL campaign.  

Strict Guidelines:

  • Character must fit within the setting of BCL. Self-Inserted lore and overwriting lore will not be accepted.
  • Character must not have any unique gifts which provide them with an overwhelming advantage in the campaign.
  • Character must have a legitimate reason to be living on Earth, and seeking out generic employment opportunities, at the beginning of the campaign

Loose Guidelines:

  • 1. Character should be from earth, born and raised.
  • Being born off-planet, and returning. Or having visited space once or twice, is perfectly within reason.
  • 2. Character should be human.
  • Being a common minority alien species that has immigrated to Earth could be made an exception, but being a rare species could not.
  • 3. Character should not be grandiose.
  • The character should not be in a position of worldwide reknown or influence, such as a famous actor, politician, or criminal-at-large.
  • 4. Character SHOULD have some talent.
  • BCL would have no reason to hire you if you had nothing to offer. Being extremely talented or skilled with a diverse number of fields would be contradictory with #3, grandiosity.
  • 5. Character SHOULD have some motive.
  • A character wouldn't join BCL "just-cause" or to kill some time. Their expedition is a long-term, life-changing mission expected to take at least a decade to reach completion. You wouldn't be willing to drop everything you have and know for 10 years without at least some kind of motive. Whether you're on criminal bail, have just been divorced, or are struggling with drugs, your character should have a reason to desperately want to escape their present lives.
  The setting of the BCL campaign has been meticulously designed to support characters from diverse walks of life. From petty criminals to justice officers, from academic honor students to high school drop-outs, from the moderately wealthy to the buried in debt.   These guidelines aren't to limit your experience, they're to enrich it. [url=] If you feel overwhelmed by the depth of a character's design, or you're not really sure what to put down, don't worry. If the information in question becomes relevant to the plot of the campaign, and it's not filled out, you'll be given an opportunity to complete or change it first. Alternatively, you can opt to have it procedurally generated for you instead, allowing you to discover and develop your character further as the campaign moves forwards.   If you feel limited by having only one character, fear not! Opportunities will rise up within the campaign for you to play as and design different characters, even characters with unique abilities, roles, or species. So while your main character should follow these guidelines, you will still have many opportunities to play more unique characters as well.   When you're ready to start setting up your character, click here!

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