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Mr. John Fisher

Character Sheet

Mr. John James Fisher

John Fisher is a hard worker. He Loves tinkering and buikding new things. He is generally focused on his work and doesn't care much about the world surrounding him.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Fairly well built and strong. nothing too special. Generally dexterous and well balanced.

Body Features

White skin, quite pale.

Facial Features

Has some messy facial hair that is generally unkempt. Usually shaves once a month.

Physical quirks

right handed. always moves with purpose.

Apparel & Accessories

generally wears cargo pants and tee shirts with random iconic references on them.

Specialized Equipment

tool box filled with all manner of tools.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Grew up in a middle class family. didn't get everything he wanted but got enough to be happy. Grew up playing tabletop games from boardgames to table top miniatures.


Obtained degrees in engineering and electronics.

Mental Trauma

Fearful of spiders.

Intellectual Characteristics

Creative and quite intelligent.

Morality & Philosophy

Anything goes, as long as a desirable end result is achieved. However, The Truth must be preserved. Actions must be focused on the end goal, and the end goal shouldn't be an excuse for actions.

Personality Characteristics

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Very good at tinkering with electronics. Good at problem solving.

Likes & Dislikes

Loves: Tinkering, building new stuff. Anything mint flavored.   Likes: Chocolate, Cats, Anything Sci-fi   Dislikes: Coffee,   Hates: Critters(Spiders, bugs, anything smaller than a fist).

Virtues & Personality perks

Patient, Honest, Creative, Open minded, kind.

Vices & Personality flaws

Generally has loose morals and can be persuaded into doing bad things for the right reasons.

Personality Quirks

Generally silent unless spoken to or someone asks him about something he actually cares about.


Generally Unhygienic, but knows how to clean up when needed.


Contacts & Relations

Used to work for Nanotrasen, but was fired due to breaking too much red tape and not bothering with bureaucracy. Still knows some of the other technicians he worked with, but generally doesn't keep up contact with anyone.

Family Ties

On good terms with family, but generally never talks with them.

Religious Views

Mother Luck has been kind.

Social Aptitude

Generally an introvert who keeps to himself, but is willing to cooperate with a team to meet a mutual goal. an open book when questioned, but generally reserved unless spoken to.

Hobbies & Pets

no pets. Hobbies include making little electronic devices like little robots or other random trinkets.


Generally speaks normally, rarely trips over his own words. sometimes takes his time responding as he thinks things over. slightly deeper tone, "American" accent.

Wealth & Financial state

doesn't make much money, but makes enough to enjoy himself. generally refused to take on debt and saves up for larger purchases. Owns his own set of tools and random scraps of electronics and other msterials he uses to tinker with.
Year of Birth
2491 4 Years old
North America Region
Current Residence
one room apartment
Presented Sex
Gender Identity
Steely Blue
Midlength Black
Aligned Organization
Known Languages

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