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Feywild Flora

Common & Notable Flora

These are common flora known by those who travel and live in the Feywild.  

Singing Tubes

The plant puts off an odor that attracts bugs when it opens and closes the plant seems to 'sing'. It primarily eats bugs, but it has eaten squirrels, rats and other small mammals. Some people have had fingers and toes taken by this plant.  

Wilting Dancer

A flowering plant that when it blooms the flower appears to resemble a dancer and if it comes loose the bloom dances before it quickly wilts. If you dance with the Wilting Dancer, you will begin to age and die as the bloom does.  

Fly Fish Fruit

a delicious, common fruit that grows on top of a stalk, however, it can be difficult to harvest as any nearby Fly Fish surround the fruit and devour it once it is ripe.  


Their cries can be heard for ways. These are beautiful flowers that wail continuously till the moon shines upon them. When the brightest moonbeams caress their petals, these flowers cries turn into sorrow's song. Many creatures are tempted to these cries only to be devoured by clever predators. Be wary of the flower cries.  

Sentient Grass

Grass that changes color randomly and around creatures. The grass changes color around creatures making it easier to spot them in the tall grass, however, there is no consistency in which color is chosen. It is said the grass sprites that flit across these grasses, understand it the most if you can catch them.  

Giant Dandelions


Dragon Fruit


Corpse Flower

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