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Ebon River


The river begins in the mountain and flows down to the ocean. However, the Ebon Harbor has redirected the flow of the water down the mountain through a network of tunnels.

Flora & Fauna

There are no flora or fauna that lives in the river. However, this does not mean that creatures have not been seen in the river before.   On the most strangest day in the history of Ebon Harbor, children rushed to the shores of Ebon River with their parents taking hold of them quickly before reaching the water as groups of colorful fish with small fish-like women pass by and a large, dragon-headed serpent following maul agape after them. Water splashing into the streets around the river, people awestruck by the display of color, and weeping as an unfortunate child falls to the rushing waters.

Natural Resources

The river is named Ebon for the black stone from the mountain. The river breaks down the stone into fine black powder that colors the river and ocean bay, black. This is also the reason for the black sand on the coastline.

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