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Vyspa/Eiy (VIHS-paw/ AI-ee)

Vyspa/ Eiy is the largest island of the 3 Hawaii-sized islands on Eversea, and the bulk of where our narrative takes place.
It is known as Vyspa by the Ludovody and the Valudzki and Eiy by the Caprini and the Sarna.
Due to 1/3rd of the island falling in the rain shadow of the Kirin's Cap, the tallest peak in Eversea, and due to the fact that 5 distinct groups of people live on it's surface; land, food, and water and scarce. When the Ludovody we're washed ashore and stranded 500 years ago, most of the native fauna had been wiped out or in hiding in a hereto unknown location, and the Caprini had just started taking to hunting Sarna in the winter.  Like all Valudzki, the Ludovody were almost completely carnivorous, but they were more ethical and abhorred cannibalism, they quickly learned to get all their nutrients from plants in order to survive. This unfortunately put them in competition with the Sarna, and also the Caprini who are generalist omnivores.
The average Caprini are stockier than the average Sarna or even the first Ludovody who were larger in the beginning, and thus require more calories.  The Caprini have no scruples about who or what they eat and usually take to even eating the bark off trees yearly. This consumption of everything left the island eerily quiet and usually devoid of the fauna and fruits normally found on such an island.

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