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Unkyen/ Bozkir (Uhn-kee-eh/ bohzKEER)

Unkyen is what the Ludovody and Valudzki call the mostly desert continent to the thousands of miles to the northwest of Vyspa/Eiy.  Bozkir is what the inhabitants call this land.
The Ludovody know only that their goddess Sabira is from this land, and there are others like her there, but no one has gone there, and they only know this much because Sabira told them herself. The Valudzki only know it's large and dry and therefore should be avoided. If any Caprini or Sarna know of it, it is so far gone from the cultural knowledge it would be only the footnote in a side story of a lesser known myth, and therefore has no name in either tongue.
Bozkir is home to Hwilpadda, Kerkenlele, and Eyder, collectively known as Surungen, reptile-like humanoids. Two small strips of land on Bozkir is tropical forest like Vyspa/Eiy, but it's only on the coasts. Just east of the west coast forest region is a mountain range, the remaining land in the interior is desert. 
Sabira is native to the east coast tropical region. Despite the harsh environment of the interior, Surungen live throughout the continent except for the peaks of the mountains.  Hwilpadda do not go over these mountains however, and therefore Sabira has little knowledge of what went on in the interior of Unkyen before having being swept away and washed up on Vyspa 400 years ago. She does, however, get vague impressions of current events.
It's unknown if Others were prevalent on Unkyen, but they're at least rarely seen now. Unkyen, unlike Vyspa, retains most of is native fauna, as the Surungen are less populous, there's more space, and the Surungen have slower metabolisms and therefore require less calories. Hwilpadda are mostly herbivorous omnivores. The eating habits of the rest of the inhabitants are unknown.

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