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The Twins

The Twins are two islands east of Vyspa/Eiy, that are vaguely similar in size and shape. "The Twins" is also the name of the province they reside in The Caprini Empire.
The Caprini see them as little more than colonies and communication between The Twins and the capital are usually limited only to Trivan-delivered letters due to the channel and the desert between them, and the Caprini aren't the best sailors.
The Twins think very little of the mainland and mostly talk to and rely on themselves. They didn't send any conscripts to either Caprini Wars of Succession; the first because they did not care, and the second because no native of the Twins had climbed the Kirin's Cap in 200 years, so they mostly ignored this new law. In the confusion of the most recent war, The Twins have completely stopped paying their taxes, either saying their courier was lost or pretending they never received the letter. The current High- King seems indifferent to this open defiance, much to the dismay of the Vizier.
In fact, if the mainland Caprini care of Caprini of the Twins at a, they are weak, too peaceful, and cowardly. The Caprini of the Twins thing mainland Caprini are war-hungry and cruel.
The Twins are an autonomous region in all but name. They are only supposed to have 1 governor-king, but they have 2 co-governor-kings who share equal power, one in Tomt and one in Insioby. When voting in government for official affairs they only have 1 vote combined, but they usually agree, so it's never been an issue. It has been this way for generations.
Although every Caprini is different, and come in all manner of shapes, sizes, personalities, and complexions, Caprini of The Twins tend to be on average thinner, slightly darker, quieter, and more diplomatic than the average mainland Caprini.
Noted Caprini native to The Twins:
Dowager Queen Morden

The Ludovody, the Valudzki, and the Sarna know of The Twins, but only that the landmasses are there and Caprini live there, but not much else, so both groups choose to avoid them. The Twins do not have the same resource shortage faced on the mainland.
Very few Others lived on The Twins before the Caprini came. The two groups entered in a mutual non-aggression and non-compete agreement 500 years ago. They are very rarely seen, and so have fallen into legend, but Caprini of the Twins do not have the same fear of caves or digging too deal as their mainland counterparts.