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The Resistance

The Resistance is essentially a communist revolutionary group with the ultimate goal of overthrowing the Valud monarchy and theocracy, freeing Mother Asherah, and establishing a Socialist Democracy.   Their meetings are held at whatever venues they can, mostly basements or store rooms of dance clubs and art galleries, which usually mean they have to share the same space as sexy parties. The members usually partake regardless in said activities and it's a great way to recruit new members.    The Resistance take care of their own and help each other out as a community.  For example, Malina's family help care for Adelina, Yarek's younger sister.    The Resistance is headed by Malina Shebashov. Her second in command is her husband, Vashily "Vale" Gilblek. Nilam, her twin sister, is a member, but barely. There are talks of her being a decoy at some point if things get bad, but Nilam has no interest in this.
Military, Paramilitary/Militia