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The Beagle II

The Beagle II is humanity's first extrasolar passenger ship. It's maiden, and only planned voyage was a one way trip from Europa to Alpha Centauri AB d, a distance of 4.367 light years.  It's launch was 30 years before The Kaplan Engine was invented, so the trip would take 600 years, during which the entire crew would be in cryosleep.  The design of The Beagle II was done mostly by Skye Godwin, but due to medical issues, the bulk of its construction was created by the Engineering department of The Darwin Project mostly based in Europa, with limited remote supervision by Skye. Idealistically, they would have hand-picked their team, and would have been more hands on with multiple quality tests throughout the process.  Instead, this did not happen.  Skye recommended extra safety measures such as rotating shifts of personnel to occasionally check on the ship to coarse correct, or see if she was in need of repairs, etc. This was denied due to cost, lack of volunteers for this position, and deemed overly cautious. Skye recommended maintenance crew to be woken in case of minor coarse correction or upkeep on the ship.  Again, this was denied due to cost, and deemed overly cautious. Only a handful of the members of the crew would be woken and only in case of an emergency: The Captain, The Chief of Security, and The Chief of Engineering. Everyone else would have to be woken manually.  This procedure was later to be found to be a mistake.

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