Splitter Condition in Eversea | World Anvil


Splitters are a throwback to when the Valudzki were land creatures. Splitters have more hair than a normal Valud would, they have less than average to no webbing between their digits, a refused head fin, and they have 2 legs instead of their legs being fused into a tail.
Splitters are usually shunned and discriminated against I'm Valudzki society.  Most splitters shave their head, and wear special gloves and wrap to hide their disability and to help them swim.  Since the Valudzki are big on gloves and they all wear wraps like pants, it's hardly noticeable. Splitters have to have special undergarments made or purchased. 
Basis in real life: dolphins are sometimes born with 4 fins, which is a throwback to when they used to have 4 legs.  These extra fine cause drag, so they go slower than other Dolphins.  Dolphins also sometimes born with a little bit of hair.  It usually falls off in adulthood, but sometimes it doesn't.  
Humans are sometimes born with their legs fused. They usually don't live very long.