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Lunaran/Lunasa (Loo-NAWR-ehn/Loo-NAW-suh)

Most Lunarans embrace people of diverse backgrounds, religions, genders, disabilities, sexualities, and creeds.  The Lunarans see each individual as a unique work of art, whether they are designed that way or not, and that all humanity, and all creatures for that matter, are all brothers and sisters in one big family known as life.  As such, they have the best social services in the solar system (and the highest taxes), and also the happiest people. The politicians of Luna feel like they built paradise on the moon, and they kind of have.
  Not everyone feels this way however, and those people usually usually join the Lunaran Navy.  As soon as they're stationed once off Luna, they change their residency so they don't have to pay Lunaran taxes, and as soon as their tour of duty is over they leave.
  Most of the Lunasa are pretty fine with that.  They see it as the trash taking itself out in the most useful way possible.
  Famous Lunarans: Lachlan "Locke" Alexander