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Lachlan "Locke" Alexander (Lawk-lyn "Lawk" Ah-eks-ZAHN-der)

Locke's mother, Apollonia, was one of those people who hates everyone and everything, and she wasn't happy until everyone else was as miserable as her.  Locke's father, Laertes, left Apollonia very early on in Locke's life, at first she thought it was just because he was in the Navy that he was gone, but the calls came less and less over time, he got a Martian residency permit as soon as he could; and when his tour of duty was over, Laertes, moved to Mars and never went back to Luna.
This made Apollonia hate everything and everyone more, but especially men, and she just put all of that hatred into Locke. Locke grew up only resenting his mother and holding all the Lunasa in contempt. He saw them as soft and lazy, because that's how his mother saw them all. Apollonia had a hard time keeping a job because of her attitude and she was constantly in therapy, but she just never got better because she just didn't want to.
So Locke joined the Navy as soon as he could to get away from everyone he hated. He only found out that, no matter where he went he ended up hating everyone there too.  He only got along with his peers in the Navy.  They understood him.  They understood he was used to just going port to port getting any girl he wanted based on his looks alone.  They understood he took a unique pleasure in leaving them in the morning. They understood it was easier to just give him whatever he wanted than get on his bad side. Locke knew all of this, and still acted that way anyway.
  He thought about getting residency in Mars, unknowingly, like his father, because there were less people there. When he was standing in line to get the paperwork done, he saw his father in line, looking worse for wear, and pleading with the clerk to take his incorrectly filled out application for government assistance.   
Locke just walked out.
Locke joined the Darwin Project for obvious reasons--to get away from everyone. He only vaguely got along with Graham and Captain Serrano.   Even though he found him a sniveling weasel of a man, Locke liked Graham. He and Graham had an understanding: Graham never brought up his mommy issues, and Locke never questioned Graham's very obvious biases. Captain Serrano was the father figure Locke had never had.  Captain Serrano treated everyone that way though, so Locke didn't know the captain didn't know he felt that way.
Skye's attitude was too similar to his mother's for him not to have a special place in his heart for them. Not a good place.  He hates them with a fiery passion. Locke found them the most infuriating person to ever exist, and what's worse, they barely even acknowledged his attempts to torment them. [Br] However, when Evren came aboard and Evren was seen as more responsive, Locke did the math and just started to torment Evren to get at Skye by proxy, which mostly worked. And if Skye can have a lower opinion about Evren because Locke kept  gauding them into fights, all to get better.  This was made extremely easy due the fact that Locke noticed Evren isn't the type of person to be very open about their feelings. He sees Evren as the loudest person in the room, but says the least.