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Graham Honeycutt (GRAHM HUHN-ee-cuht)

At some point, Graham became a counselor to help people. Where that point was lost is anyone's guess. Like most Europans, he grew up wanting for nothing. Initially, he picked to be a counselor because it was the easiest thing on his parents' Approved Careers List. The more he learned, the more he was fascinated by the human experience and the human mind. He saw the hardships of others in pain, at least on paper, and he couldn't fix the big things causing those hardships, but he could fix the people.  Graham wanted to be the best counselor he could possibly be.
Unfortunately, counseling isn't as cut and dry as all that. People have to know a problem exists, they have to want to fix that problem, and they have to put in the work. People in the counseling field have to check themselves constantly for biases and they have to seek counseling themselves when they need it. Graham didn't recognize only having mostly affluent Europan clientele like himself, might be detrimental to how he sees or understand literally everyone else.
So, Graham came to the Darwin Project highly recommended, and was thought of as one of the best counselors on Europa.  In fact, everyone thought it was strange that he wanted to join in the first place considering how well his practice was doing.  He'd never tell anyone this, but he never had any interest in other people in the way people normally do.  He liked people in theory, not in practice.  He didn't hate his fellow man, he just didn't relate to a lot of the human experience, and when someone talked about things he didn't understand, his brain wouldn't just hear static.
Because of this Graham never had the desire for a partner and never had one, sexual or otherwise. This deeply troubled his parents. This wasn't on the Approved Life Path list.  So after Graham obtained his Master degree, his parents started ever so gently encouraging him to find someone and start a family.  15 years later, he was in his late 30s and still had no partner, and his parents kept making up elaborate ways into tricking him into getting one. This had grown very tiresome, and he was just sort of done with the whole thing.
Graham mostly gets along with most people in the Darwin Project on a very basic level.  He understands most of the people involved except Evren and Skye.  Graham can at least understand Evren's disdain for their parents, but that's about it; not their reason for joining the project; not their general outlook on life; just nothing else. Skye, he fundamentally doesn't get on even a basic level and may never understand even a little bit if he doesn't step outside of his own perspective.  But, then he'd have to know this is a problem, and he'd have to be willing to work on it.