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Characters and their known languages

Skye Godwin- fluent Recombined Gaelic, German, Ioan Creole; moderate Europan, moderate English, Beginner Titonian, a handful of floating signs in Ioan Sign Language
Evren Balwinder- fluent Punjabi, Sanskrit, Ioan Creole, English; a handful of words in Recombined Gaelic
Dido Syndel- Fluent Xhosa, Zulu, Swahili, Merandan; moderate English; beginner's Europan
Locke Alexander- Fluent English, Swedish, German
Graham Honeycutt- Fluent English, Europan
Fabian Seranno- Fluent Spanish (Martian dialect), English
Tiffany Nguyen- Fluent English, Spanish (Terran dialect), Vietnamese
Udo Ngozi- Fluent Igbo, Swahili, English, Spanish (Martian dialect moderate Xhosa Matt Stephens- Fluent English, Europan
Sasha Kynes- Fluent Recombined Gaelic, Somali, Arabic; moderate French (Venusian dialect beginners Ganimedyan
Yarek- Valudzki
Maii- Ludovodi (off-shoot of Valudzki, similar to the difference between Polish and Czech Traveler's Code (clicks and whistles used for long-distance communication without detection, similar to the Pirahã whistles Language of the Divine (a kind of Sign Language)

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