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Captain Fabian Serrano

Captain Fabian Serrano grew up on a ranch in rural Mars, about 50 miles away from New Tuscon with his grandmother. Fabian spent most of his young life dreaming about getting off the farm and going on adventures like the ones in his grandmother's old science fiction novels.  They were the kind of science fiction novels where that took place in the present day but was written 60 years ago, so it was way different and too optimistic.  There were no Martians other than the humans born on Mars. No little green men, or secret underground societies.  He had seen "The Face" when he was 12 and it didn't look like a face at all, to his disappointment.
All there was on Mars was dirt, canyons, and Olympus Mons.  So, Fabian bored out of his mind, excelled in school, read all of his grandmother's books at least twice, and illegally scaled Valles Marineris at 16 when they visited it on a field trip. Since he was a minor and no one was thankfully hurt, all he got was a suspension, and a good talking to by his teacher, the principal, the Valles Marineris park ranger, and his grandmother.  His grandmother was secretly impressed, mad, but impressed. That was all the encouragement he needed.
When Fabian was 18, he joined the Martian Marines, and every time they went anywhere for shore leave he found the biggest thing and climbed it. He climbed Euboea Montes and Ionian Mons on Io, and Elysium on Mars when he got some time off to see his grandmother. After getting his degree in Park and Recreation Management, he became an officer.  Around this time he was known for getting wasted and getting on the roof of the bar. He was just the most fun guy at parties. As he moved up the ranks though, he had to cool off for a bit and not be the fun party guy anymore.  He was a lot of these people's bosses now, and they needed to respect him.
That didn't stop him from saving up as much leave as he could and being on the first human expedition to scale Olympus Mons at 35. After climbing through the ranks and climbing basically the tallest mountain in the solar system, Fabian was kind of disappointed because there wasn't really anything else to climb.  Like yeah, his colleagues respected him, and his mountaineering buddies called him The GOAT (for multiple reasons), but like there wasn't really anything else.  He would have to retire soon if he didn't become a general, something he did not want. His grandmother wanted him to find a nice girl, settle down, and have a family, but that never really interested him.
It's not that he didn't like people or wasn't interested in them.  He liked sex, and he liked being in relationships, just he never found anyone he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.
When Fabian found out about The Darwin Project, he jumped on it.  It was like a dream come true. It was everything he had ever wanted growing up.  He was one of the first people to join The Darwin Project.