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24/12/1735 ME

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Since 1713, the lands of the Heavenly Throne of Dithmarburg in the centre of Evantian has been the centre of a war on a scale never seen before. Many have sent thousands into the area as part of a religious war, such as the Kingdom of Avignon, the Kingdom of Angelia, and the Republic of the Mark among others.   The war started after the Folly of Chekov, a now infamous eruption of the tension in the Prussen Empire after the division of the Church of Arterium. Since then, the war has evolved as differing parties, some far beyond the issues in the Arterium faith intervened or acted in the war for less religious reasons. Old feuds and political ambitions slowly overtook the religious motives for war, even as the name the War of Arterium became common.   Recently, after an internal succession struggle in the Duchy of Branenwick forced it out of the war, following the Battle of Mundach in 1733, the war has entered an uneasy lull. Only minor combat has taken place in the last two years, but tension... and ambitions has been slowly building, and threatens to break this calm as 1735 comes to a close.

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The Arterium Divide

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