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The snowy capital city of Weismark and the crown jewel of the Weissic Empire built in tribute to the gods, home to Emperor Yssak. Lothengrad is an architectural wonder, built vertically in layers leading up to the Sonnenreich, a towering, fortress-like cathedral or white marble and deep onyx, and seat of the Emperor. Lothengrad is the second largest city in the world, spanning several miles from one end to the other and hundreds of stories tall at its summit.   Lothengrad is a highly militaristic city bristling with defenses and under the strict control of the city guard. A significant portion of the Empire’s spending is funneled into maintaining and improving the city, as it is not only the seat of the highest power in the Empire, but as a symbol of strength to the world. The highest point in Lothengrad is the Sonnenreich, a beautiful structure built from white stone and deep onyx, from which the Emperor leads the Empire. The Sonnenreich is built atop the summit of a nearby mountain and connected to the city with an enormous bridge standing hundreds of feet above the city proper. The structure is built atop the most sacred location in the Empire, Genheim Parish.


The dominant demographic of Lothengrad, like the rest of the Empire, is Human. There is a sizable population of Giants, Half-Giants, Kenku, and Warforged as well, however, accounting for a combined total of roughly 40% of the city's population.


The city government is meticulous, effective, and well-funded, governing Lothengrad almost as if it were its own nation. The city guard is comprised of a pious group of well trained, deadly soldiers. They maintain order within the city with precision found few other places in the world. They are loved and respected by the citizens of Lothengrad, a group seemingly truly free of any traces of corruption.

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