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Etria is a world of cities, magic, and dragons. It's much like Earth when it comes to technology and the geo-political landscape. However, unlike Earth, it has, well... magic and dragons.

Here, dragons and humanity live side by side in unison. Although, most of the time, humans are unable to communicate with the dragons, the two species have managed to create a harmony that has lasted thousands of years. Dragons are a common sight among human cities, and vice versa. They help to ship cargo and passengers, carry soldiers into battle, and many serve as companions to humans. On Etria, wars are fought, not on the ground, but on the wings of dragons. Besides the existence of dragons, Etria is also home magic. However, dragons are the only species of which every creature can access this power. Humans can and have wielded magic, but it is rare and often associated with a powerful connection to the terrifying creatures.

The world is largely inspired by Pokemon, and the concept of fantastic creatures living alongside humans. There are many human-dragon partnerships across Etria, and can be seen everywhere from the lowly farmer to the prestigious Dragon Riders.

On Etria, dragons are a normal sight, from the tiny ones in your garden to the massive creatures traversing the sky. But a world with dragons is very different from a world without, the exact concept I'm attempting to explore in Etria.

On a more meta note, I'm a writer. I'm mainly trying to build up the world as best I can before I start writing in it. I have a plot roughly planned out, but because of the sheer scale of the world and the amount of detail I want to provide, I'm going to try and build it first and then write, instead of the opposite. That, and the fact that I just really like worldbuilding.

I'm open to criticism, advice, feedback, the works. I'm trying to make this world the best that it can be and if you have any suggestions on how I can improve it, I'm all ears! The posting of articles is going to be a rather sparse thing, considering that I have a lot of projects I'm already trying to work on (three at the moment, including this one).

I hope you like Etria!