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Shem Pher

The Shem Pher are a species family and the ancestors of the Verin, otherwise known as the proto-Verin. They are about a meter-and-a-half to two meters in length, and are facultative bipeds. They are somewhat intelligent, and live in small groups.


Shem Pher are around or under 2m in length. They have a thick pelt and short horns which they use as rudders in the water to navigate the undertow streams along the coasts of the Verra Region. Their bodies, which are adapted to aquatic dives, are muscular and compact, with narrow snouts and large eyes.

There are many variants of the Shem Pher, but the original proto-verin strain is long extinct.


Fish and Dolinin

Shem Pher are consumate omnivores. Their main diet is fish, Rut, and Dolinin, as well as many varieties of kelp.

Stoned Pher Theory

Shem Pher are one of the few species adapted to eat Dolinin, whose poison is usually extremely unpleasant and unhealthy for most other species. Modern Verin and Shem Pher do not experience many of the psychoactive effects of the Dolinin Root, but there is a prevailing theory that Proto-Verin were susceptible to it, and it was this interaction with psychoactives as a regular part of their diet which helped drive their evolution of advanced language and society.



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Stoned Ape Theory is definitely a thing!

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