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Dolinin Root


Dolinin Root, which comes from Dolinin Korum Fans, contains powerful psychoactives which are activated by heat. In nature, this heat comes from Sunbursts slow-burning life on the surface levels of the ocean.

Miniature Dolinin Fans are a favored household plant in Verin estates, where they are cultivated for Verin cuisine and drinks. This is because Verin are largely resistent to their effects, and instead experience mild euphoria and focus where other species experience vivid waking hallucinations.

The Verin diet (and by extension the Sazashi diet) requires some Dolinin in it for healthy brain function, otherwise they may fugue to the point of losing creative, social, or even motor function. This is easily handled, and so rarely becomes a matter, but feeds into the stoned Verin theory.

Meeting Humanity has given us many opportunities to compare notes, as it were, to look for similarities in the evolution of life and society of Sophont.

There's an interesting parallel between Humanity and the Verin development into Sophont. A prevailing theory for Humanity is the Stoned Ape theory, which posits that humanity only developed society as a result of the thought and creativity aberrations brought on by wild psychoactives.

For the Verin there is a similar theory, this time focused on the fact that Shem Pher eat vast amounts of Dolinin Korum Fans.

Hierus Nomen
Biologist, Anthropologist, Philosopher




Dolinin is easy to prepare. First, use a knife to cut out the veins of miniscule spines sprawling across its surface. Next leave it on a low boil for several hours until it has the texture and flexibility of jerkey. It can then be chopped up or eaten as-is.

"Dolinin? Hard pass. That's the sort of trip that makes you change your entire life trajectory. It makes you think too much. I'm not a fan."

— A Hedonite


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