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Dolinin Korum Fans

Dolininai Anthric Korum is a descendant species of Korum, and accounts for the many species of membranous Korum which grows on rocks and sea shelves of the Jhoutaioan oceans.

It's beatiful to float over the undulating fans of the dolinin in spring, when the growth is new and well-fed by the nutrient rich waters sweeping in from the Amujnalden Region. You can see all the little florets and flowers sprawling over the membranes, which themselves cover regions so large that you'll lose sight of them among the murk before you see their edge.

Entire ecosystems thrive under these fans, where the water stays cool and survivable against Sunbursts. When the fans die, they harden, and their poison is released into the water. It's rarely lethal, but most aquatic life avoids them, save, of course, for the Shem Pher.

Anthradichai Seagazer
Vadakendanic Biologist

Processed Dolinin

Dolinin is used to create Verin cuisine, and is a drug for other sophont. It is often described as unpleasant to the uninitiated.


Genetic Ancestor(s)


Dolininai Achula


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