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Much was lost in the chaos and madness which followed the closing of the Wayhalls and the onset of the Melancholic Lacuna. The governments and worlds of The Hub tore themselves asunder overnight, leaving only the Banners scrambling to provide order.

Among all this madness was Dimitris and his wife Janet. The Archive of Stars, which The Jupiter Syndicate(organization) used to map the network of WayHalls, was based on the world of Victoriana, but the WayHall closed while Dimitris was visiting Titan to see family. He and his wife were separated.

Motivated by the ferocity of his love, Dimitris toiled for day after day nearly driving himself to insanity to do in years what many Archivists collaborated off-an-on for lifetimes to build--to rebuild the Archive of Stars. With it, the Jupiter Syndicate would be able to re-find the Via Lactea WayHall and, once they found the matching Index, jump to Victoriana in the Andromeda Galaxy.

After four years of hard work piecing together the Archive of Stars by memory and determination, Dimitris was successful. By fortune, a member of the Syndicate had since discovered the Index on Mars.

The WayHall was opened and Dimitris returned home, to Janet.

His recreation of the Archive of Stars (named Archive of Worlds) proved more useful than he could have imagined. While most of its populace was fine, the surface of Victoriana had taken a heavy beating from a stranded armada of The Church of The Somnolent(organization), and, among many other things, they'd destroyed the servers of Engine Monitor which housed the Archive of Stars. His work became the new basis for it, and to this day Archivists all over Ethnis continue to populate it with rediscovered and newly discovered worlds.
Atlas is often depicted as bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Dimitris was stronger, he bore the weight of thousands.
— Head Archivist Amlei Androkav
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