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Delflakes, short for Delving Flakes, are a family of over-the-counter pharmaceutical that are used to combat many common ailments that impact those who dive deep into corralum. It has also found use in preventing space-based conditions, motion sickness, and alleviating allergic reactions.

Delflakes are taken as a regime to boost the bodies ability to continue going under shifting atmospheric conditions. Prepared explorers and exterminators will always have a grinder on them.

The Flake Grinder

A Flake Grinder is a reusable implement for taking larger chunks of Delflake and breaking it down into easy to break down portions.

While disposable grinders are available, most are made to be refilled. Some Sazashi carry grinders that have traveled generations through a family.

Commonly made from wood or durable glass.

Directions for Use
  • Uncap Flake Grinder and raise to tongue.
  • Deposit three grinds worth of flakes on an outstretched tongue.
  • Allow flakes to moisten from saliva for several seconds.
  • Swallow and wash down with water if available.
  • Take once every four hours.
Proprietary Corralum blend.
Patent Holder
Khatoum BioMed
One Flavor, based off an already barely edible Khirmange delicacy of boiled corralum. Some can find the good in it, but to the rest of the universe it just tastes rotted fish wrapped in kelp.
Item type
Drug / Narcotic / Medicine

Delflakes have been heavily refined over its centuries of existing, the modern mixture does the following for users.

  • Combats Allergies and relieves sinuses.
  • Provides an energy boost similar to caffeine.
  • Helps settle stomach issues and prevents motion sickness


Delveflakes, powerful enough to solve a Khirmagne's stomachache and keep them going for a whole day. Imagine how it can help you!

— Delveflake Ad

Delveflakes trace their heritage back to the first Khirmagne settlers of Khatoum, who refined and cooked with some of the local corralum as a way to inoculate themselves to potential risks.

Over the years, they discovered that the local corralum mixtures helped alleviate several other symptoms as well as alleviate the sinuses. They refined the product into a spice that grinds up into flakes. The corralum medicinal product became a good import, and can only be made with the corralum local to the Khatoum depths.

Colon Cleanse

We sat in the depths together, kilometers beneath winding capillaries of the Aempian Corralum. Even so far below the sunlight, the world was just as alive if not more so. Every wall of hard corralum served as host to complex microbiomes and sporing fungus. The native bioluminesence of some of the local flora cast everything outside our lantern in a chilling blue glow.

Surrounding us, the constant churning grumble of the ecosystem tickled at the backs of our necks. By traveling so deep, we had made their way to the proverbial stomach of the world. In these living tunnels, all organic matter lived and thrived to feed their hosts. The Corralum thrived off the circle of life, feeding on death and nuturing new growth.

"You ever feel like being down here is like being in Jhoutai's stomach?" I blurted out to my guide. They brought their gaze done from the ceiling. I could tell when they looked at me, as their eyeshine reflected the glow of the lantern back at me.

"We are long past the stomach." Within the soft churn of the corralum, the Nasyk's harsh accent and raspy voice cut like a machete. "Colon, yes?"

We shared a laugh, only to have it cut short by the snarl of a creature further down the tunnel. A tense moment of silence passed.

"We should take flakes before we go on." My guide spoke softly, and reached into his back pocket to reveal wooden pepper-grinder. He pulled his hood loose, and craned his head up towards the ceiling. He raised the grinder over the length of his tongue and twisted the handle. A rain of green flakes fell on his tongue, and even he winced at the flavor.

He offered the grinder to me as he swallowed his dosage. "Tastes like dead fish, but keeps you from throwing up." As if explaining made it any easier.

I took the offered grinder and held it high, with a couple of twists my tongue was graces by the heavy flakes that indeed tasted like the bottom of a boat. A dashed my tongue back in and swallowed, thankful that it didn't stick to my throat like last time.

"How have you guys not invented a better flavor?" I acked as found a singular flake hiding behind my teeth.

"Don't ask me, ask the Khirmagne who make the stuff. Now come, we've rested enough."

He pushed up, and hoisted his pack and spear signaling me deeper into the depths of Jhoutai's digestive track.


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Dec 3, 2023 18:52 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

'Like licking the bottom of a boat' made me chuckle and wince all at once.   This is a fun idea. I like that they taste foul but are very useful.

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