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The Lucky Frog

Written by cal-the-dragon

Among the Nyai Co people, keeping a frog in the house is said to bring health and good fortune. There may be a practical reason for this, as the frog will eat many kinds of insects that could carry diseases or infest food supplies. However, this practice supposedly also cures illness, brings wealth into the family, and increases harvest from gardens. As a result, many families keep multiple frogs around, at least one in each house and the gardens as well.   The god of abundance, health, and the harvest in their culture is alleged to keep a frog as a mount, companion, and symbol. This god is sometimes even shown in religious art with the head of a frog. Bottle-green frogs with golden highlights on their skin are considered especially lucky, as this is how the god's companion apparently looks.   Many Nyai Co households keep a special pot in their houses and gardens for the honored creatures, decorated with green and gold motifs of frogs and rice stalks. It is also considered lucky to have a small statue of a frog in the windowsill, with a gold coin on its head. Offerings of rice, seeds, and fruit are placed inside the mouth.   In many other areas of Nyai Co culture, motifs of green frogs as lucky, healthy, and bringers of abundance persist. Some stories have been added to the arcana over the years of sick children and desperate parents, offering all they have to the frog god and being rewarded with healing, health, and good harvests. Folklore and superstition are a large part of their culture, no matter how irrational or unreasonable its claims seem.
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