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"It's a cuddly nightmare, but a nightmare nonetheless"

Credit for the art to Ekaterina Yastrubetskaya
Beasts of ghostly figure living to hunt for the sake of hunting. Like termites, they eat away at any ecosystem they are kept it and thus must be controlled and regulated. The Hoarrasecaver, a creature often used as a nightmare tale to tell misbehaving children, is a living nightmare to those who work with them. Containment of the species is a complicated set of procedures, to make sure that there is no possibility of their existence outside Whldynvaal, their containment grounds. To make them domesticable is a dangerous process rarely leading in success, and more often resulting in the deaths of those who tried domesticating it. Those who are in possession of a Hoarrasecaver must have it after it's mating phase, and must be under constant supervision. The domestication of a Hoarrasecaver is useful in being a beast of burden in farming do it's natural strength. They are also used as mounts for those wishing to show off their wealth with the extravagance of such a exotic and dangerous monster.

Basic Information


A lengthy body, with the mid-section being larger width wise than the rest of the body. Total of 6 limbs it uses as legs. Strong muscular structure around the legs and midsection.

Biological Traits

Limitless life span/expectancy. Have only died to starvation, disease, and being directly harmed until killed. Avg. Height of 5' 4". Avg. Weight of 230lbs

Genetics and Reproduction

After reaching 3 years of age, the Hoarrasecaver enters it's mating phase. The female Hoarrasecaver will lay eggs in a nest it creates, and waits for a Male Hoarrasecaver to come by and fertilize the eggs. After then, the parents will return to the wild, leaving the eggs. After 3 days all of the eggs will hatch.

Growth Rate & Stages

After birth, the Hoarrasecaver takes only 1 month to mature, and in that time they feed off of their shell and fellow infant hatchlings, until they are able to hunt for other creatures.

Ecology and Habitats

This creature survives in the environments of the wastes of Whldynvaal.

Dietary Needs and Habits

It is an omnivore and is capable of digesting any biological material. When a specific meal is desired it will refuse to ingest anything else until it's desired food is hunted and eaten.

Biological Cycle

The creature is unaffected by the passing of time and seasonal changes after it reaches maturity. However, during it's process of maturing, if it is during the winter the infant Hoarrasecaver will find a place, or corpse to burrow itself into for warmth.

Additional Information

Social Structure

No social structure. Don't hunt in packs, only cooperate to mate.


Only domesticable using a species of shape manipulatable parasites, that control the mind of it's target called "Xynagno." Often used for many mounts.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Used as transportation and beasts of burden. Capable of being used as protection under specific circumstances.

Facial characteristics

Tentacle like tendrils for a mouth. No eyes. Nostrils on the side of its face, breaths through fish like gills.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Only seen in the wild in Whldynvaal, as they are kept from leaving that environment without control or supervision over them.

Average Intelligence

Animalistic Intelligence. Doesn't understand any standards such as language.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Sight is based on echolocation. Uses the low pitched humming that emits from its mouth to perceive its environment.
Conservation Status
The creature is being actively hunted. Other than starvation and disease, the Hoarrasecaver does not die at the cause of any other natural causes. Seems to eternally age, making them parasites in any neighboring societies to their territories.
Average Height
5' 4"
Average Weight
Average Length
8' 10"
Average Physique
Heavily built. Strong muscles throughout body.
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
White ghost-like luminescent skin.

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