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The sunjay is a bird revered among the angels in the dewdrop peaks. They are corvids, highly intelligent and self-aware. They, among with other members of the Corvidae family, are some of the smartest birds that can be found on Etharai. One notable exception to this is the qelk, the only sapient avain species.

Witch Birds

Sunjays are known for their ability to see and manipulate Amyth. However, this manifests in a very specific manner - reshaping the Auras eminating from the sun, otherwise known as light. Sunjays use this ability in their hunting, but more commonly as a method of entertainment and self-expression. Flocks of sunjays will create light shows, moving the light to reflect off of the clouds, or creating brilliant colours. For this reason, sunjays are often colloquially referred to as "witch birds".

Avid Collectors

Sunjays seem to have an innate interest in small, shiny objects. Many believe that this interest is due to the way these objects reflect and interact with the light - a theory supported by the way sunjays will interact with their trinkets. They arrange them in such a way that when the light hits them, they create shows of rainbows and lights to rival sapient entertainers. They will decorate their nests, carefully crafted in bubbletree branches, with these trinkets, and are highly protective of them.


Sunjays grow to around a foot tall, making them a larger species of corvid. The majority of their feathers are jet black. However, the tips of their wings are yellow in colour, and the top of their legs, just before their talons, are white. They have small, black eyes with a beady appearance. They have an incredibly strong grip, and control over fine movements. Combined with their intelligence, this allows them to build incredibly structurally sound nests, strong against the winds of the biome they call home. They like to weave wispyarn into these nests to provide additional coverage, and are some of the inspiration for the angels' common hobby of crochet.
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15-20 yrs.
Average Height
1 ft.
Geographic Distribution

Average Intelligence

Belonging to the family Corvidae, some of the smartest birds and even species (aside from sapients), sunjays are no exception. They are a highly intelligent species, capable of understanding the intricacies of magic, gravity, architecture, weaving, and more.

Sociality & Community

Sunjays are unique in that they can be both social and solitary birds. Many choose to live almost entirely on their own, while others form flocks and communities. These communities, known as knittings of sunjays, are highly loyal to one another.

Cultural Significance

Among the angels of the dewdrop peaks where these sunjays reside, they are symbols of intelligence, skill, cunning, and craftwork. They are the inspiration for the angels' crochet, as well as some of their architecture.


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