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Eternal Arcana

11279 of the Neolitic Era

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The world of Arcana is a world in balance between entropy and magic, created by the two dead gods, Order and Chaos. Among the current supreme gods, the Destroyer, the Unkown, the Magic and the Trickster, none of them seem to be directly involved in the world anymore. Maybe is the time of mortals, or they are preparing for the return of the Ancient One.   Eleven millennia have happened from the first known settlements in Arcana and the races of men are still in war with the golindar, creating each day better weapons, deepening in what they call the Age of Powder. On the other continent, Talioc, the lizardfolk are battling each other for the supremacy of the island Kali. Finally, the ungulated races are trying to fit a world populated by much more numerous racial groups.
Conquer the skies as a dragon knight, win the scacorborn tournament with your summoned creatures, defeat dangerous monsters as a neanderthal warrior or just defend your land with a trusty flintlock. The land of Arcana is varied and full of potential epic adventures. The threats are many, monsters created by the gods, enemy nations or horrors from beyond our reality but so are the weapons heroes have to fight them.