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Shigesia Potion

The cornerstone of Watoni Society, augments women by giving them enhanced muscular capacity, paused menstrual cycles, and extended lifespan.


It is used by most all women in the Watoni empire. It is used by injection using a primitive golden syringe, once every few years. It does the following while it is active:

  • Pauses the menstrual cycle and prevents pregnancy
  • Strengthens the reproductive system for when the potion wears off
  • Slows aging
  • Improves muscular capacity


The two plants required, one for the aging thing, which is poisonous on its own, and one for the reproductive things, are mixed together.

Access & Availability
Easily accessible, extremely common. Only used by women.
It is one of the first Watoni potions ever created, and it helped set women in place for ruling the country. Its creation involves two plants that grow everywhere in the Watoni climate.
Two local plants in the Watoni homeland that are incredibly common, each having their own effect, were combined to enhance and complement each other.

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