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Neripol Army (and the Army of Southern Augustia)

The Army of the Neripol Alliance, set to invade northern Augustia.



4000-4200 soldiers, marching from the Neripol border through northern Augustia. Farus's complementary army, south of them, has about 1200-1500 soldiers, about 200 of whom are mounted knights and scouts.


Neripol army:

  • Infantrymen are usually well armored with chain and leather, and iconic skullcaps.
For Farus's army:
  • Average Augustian infantrymen are armed with chain and surcoat or leather armor, the knights wearing plate, and a helmet.
  • The archers wear leather jerkins and skullcaps.


Neripol army:

  • Infantrymen (most of the army) are equipped with a combination of axes, round shields, and swords.
For Farus's army:
  • Each soldier is issued a spear and shield with a short sword as well.
  • Knights use lances and short swords, as well as heater shields.
  • Archers use longbows and broadhead arrows.


Several hundred horses for use by Farus's mounted knights.


Neripol Army: High Hersirs control Hersirs, Hersirs control groups of Drengs.   Southern Augustia: King controls barons and mayors, barons and mayors control lieutenants, lieutenants control battalions.


Neripols are trained in an atmosphere of tenuous peace relying on their control of both neighboring empires' military markets, and so have a sizable supply of competent warriors at their disposal.

Overall training Level

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