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Fifty Years War

The Fifty Years War is the ongoing conflict between the Dregian Empire and the Augustian Empire.

The Conflict


The northerners (later known as the Neripolians) were being pushed back and slaughtered by both empiresĀ“ militaries, but contentious commanders and leaders on both sides disobeyed orders from high command and attacked the other empireĀ“s soldiers and supply lines. Tensions escalated to the point where both monarchs pulled back their militaries before war broke out, and forced a joint surrender with the northerners. However, disputes over who owned which reconquered territory continued to stir up both sides, until a radical group of Dregian commanders joined forces and attacked the Holy City of Augus, taking the Augustian military by surprise and obliterating the city. The Augustian King declared full-scale war against the Dregian Empire, and thus what would become the Fifty Years War began.


Border between the two empires, the area known as the Warfront.


Both sides seek to annihilate the other completely. The Augustians seek to re-enslave the Dregians, and the Dregians seek to reduce Augustia to rubble.

The Engagement

Fighting is sporadic, but every few years a major campaign is mounted that tries to gain major ground or strike a decisive blow. So far, no such blow has been struck, largely thanks to the efforts of the Guild of Wartime Trade.

Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
550 AA
Ending Date

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