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Etara is a planet that dwells in the Zeusebeia galaxy. It was home to five large and lavish kingdoms, places of paradise where all were welcome, but that was their problem.   Many researchers, people who came from the nearby space colonies, on the asteroids Othedes and Ullidesa, and the planet Thora, came to Etara for their sciences. They researched the people's cultures, technology, magic, and architectural structures, and relayed everything back to their supervisors.   Jealous, these supervisors ordered that the researchers stir trouble for the five kingdoms. They turned all of them against each other, tore them apart from the inside out.   Etara now is covered with the people left behind, the ones whose peaceful world was now in ruin, the ones forced to bury their dead children and parents, the violated. The ones left to die.   These people learned to live on their now dying planet, and adapt. These people became tribes.   And these people will either be space-humanity's next hope, or their deserved downfall. Most likely the latter.  
Etara → ee-tar-uh / ee-tair-uh / eh-tar-uh / eh-tair-uh   Zeusebeia → zoo-seh-bee-uh / zoo-say-bee-uh   Othedes → ah-theed-is / oh-thed-eez   Ullidesa → you-leh-deh-sa / ull-leh-dez-sa   Thora → th-or-uh

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