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year 6493

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Parallel future where the Earth is a red decaying planet with dried pits where oceans used to be, a barely sustainable atmosphere and a dying population. The planet is completely dry except for the poles which are covered in dense tropical jungles of deadly man eating and poisonous plants. There are few sparse populations on the edge of the contenants, the governments are in the middle of collapsing, reverting to primevil rules. The depths beyond their small cities are dark and hold large dangerous creatures beyond the human imagination. Thankfully, there are still recources to have rare airships, constructed of small bio ecosystems, the whole hull of ships being large animals, with other smaller animals keeping it running. Those who live in the airships live as kings, corrupting the world with their greed and armies. Those who live on the ground, however, starve and scavenge for food and the rare sources of water.