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In the ancient days of Eskar, magic flowed freely, intertwining with the very fabric of existence. Miracles were common, and the world teemed with vibrant life and diverse cultures. Each continent boasted its own majestic wonders, and the races of Mer thrived in their respective territories. However, this abundance of magic and the resulting territorial conflicts led to an era of constant warfare and devastation. Empires rose and fell, vying for control over the magical ley lines that crisscrossed the land. Great battles were fought, and ancient cities were razed to the ground, their knowledge lost forever. Entire cultures were decimated, leaving only remnants of their former glory. The world of Eskar was scarred, both physically and spiritually, by centuries of conflict. Amidst the chaos and bloodshed, a remarkable event occurred. The races of Mer, weary of the ceaseless war, forged a pact known as the Blood Pact. Each race formed its own Legion, united in purpose and bound by blood. The Legions swore an oath of eternal cooperation, vowing to protect their kin and ensure the survival of their people. To guide them in their newfound unity, the Elder Council was established. Composed of the greatest heroes, seers, and sages from each Legion, the council became the custodians of Eskar's destiny. They divined the future struggles that would befall their world, seeking to avert catastrophes and maintain order throughout the land. For a time, the Legions and the Elder Council brought a semblance of peace and stability to Eskar. However, nearly two millennia ago, the Elder Council unveiled a prophecy that would shake the very foundations of Eskar. It foretold the impending doom of a great star hurtling toward the planet, possessing the power to annihilate all life. It was a cataclysmic event that would test the resolve of every inhabitant of Eskar. The Legions reacted differently to this dire prophecy. The Legion of Men, known for their valor and martial prowess, called for a Great Tournament to identify the mightiest heroes among them. Their hope was to assemble a force capable of defending against the imminent threat. The Elven Legion, renowned for their wisdom and connection to nature, chose a path of caution. They believed that time and further knowledge were needed before decisive action could be taken. The Dwarven Legion, however, surprised everyone with their unconventional approach. They delved deep into their ancestral mountain halls, working tirelessly to develop a method of defense against the impending catastrophe. Years passed as the dwarves crafted intricate plans for a colossal magical metal shield, capable of repelling the destructive force of the star. Their conviction and determination became the cornerstone of their strategy. Meanwhile, the Elven Legion embarked on a secret endeavor. They sought a suitable alternative world among the planes, a place where their people could find refuge if Eskar faced utter destruction. Hidden away in secluded locations, the elves constructed a network of Doors to the Planes, experimental portals that would serve as escape routes should the need arise. As the prophecy's fulfillment drew closer, tensions mounted, and the Legions prepared for the inevitable. Countless warriors fought and fell in the Great Tournament, driven by a desperate desire to become the hero of their time. The world watched with bated breath as heroes clashed, only to meet their untimely demise in front of cheering crowds. Finally, the fateful moment arrived. The star, once an invisible dot in the sky, grew into a fearsome sphere of fury and destruction. The Legions rallied their mightiest warriors, standing alongside the Elder Council, ready to confront the impending catastrophe head-on. The Elven Legion, unable to find an alternative world in time, stood shoulder to shoulder with their brethren, their hearts heavy with the knowledge that they had exhausted every possibility. The Dwarven Legion, fortified by their unwavering determination, completed the construction of the Worldshield. This monumental magical construct, the culmination of their years of labor, stood as a beacon of hope in the face of imminent doom. With the aid of powerful casters from the other Legions, the shield was launched with a tremendous and arduous ritual. It was an awe-inspiring achievement, the greatest magical undertaking Eskar had ever witnessed. And then it happened. Exactly 1,000 years after the prophecy was first revealed, the star made its devastating descent. The Worldshield clashed with the celestial intruder, disintegrating along with a significant portion of the star's mass. The impact shook the planet to its core, unleashing havoc and destruction. Fire rained from the heavens, engulfing the lands of Eskar in a cataclysmic inferno. Despite the valiant efforts of the Legions and the Elder Council, the star's remaining bulk penetrated the atmosphere, hurtling toward its final destination—the gathering place of the council. Desperate to avert disaster, the heroes of Eskar unleashed their might. Spells, projectiles, and even chunks of earth were hurled at the approaching doom, but all in vain. The miniscule remnants of the star collided with the council, obliterating everything in its path. In the aftermath of this cataclysm, Eskar lay in ruins. The oceans boiled away, leaving desolate stretches of salt-covered terrain. Approximately one-third of the planet's surface had been transformed into a vast crater, while colossal tsunamis wiped out coastal regions. The devastation was beyond comprehension, and the survivors believed that the gods themselves had met their demise. Yet, life has a way of enduring, even in the face of unspeakable tragedy. As time passed, the shattered remnants of Eskar began to settle. Braving the harsh conditions and the remnants of the once-majestic world, the bravest souls emerged from their shelters, driven by an indomitable spirit of exploration and a yearning to rebuild. From the ashes of destruction, new societies and settlements began to rise. Factions formed, each with their own aspirations and visions for the future. The scars of the cataclysm were etched into the very fabric of Eskar, becoming a constant reminder of the fragility of existence and the indomitable spirit of its inhabitants. In this new era, the survivors faced countless challenges—rebuilding their communities, rediscovering lost knowledge, and navigating the shattered landscapes. The Elders, those who remembered the time before the cataclysm, shared their stories and wisdom, guiding the younger generations as they forged a path forward. Eskar, scarred but not defeated, became a world of both resilience and discovery. Ancient ruins held the secrets of forgotten civilizations, while uncharted territories beckoned to intrepid explorers. The prophecies of the Elder Council, once a source of dread, became a beacon of hope and a reminder of the importance of unity and vigilance. And so, the survivors of Eskar embarked on a new chapter in their history, striving to rebuild, to thrive, and to ensure that the sacrifices of the fallen would not be in vain. The legacy of the Blood Pact endured, and the indomitable spirit of Eskar's inhabitants would shape the destiny of their world, even in the face of unimaginable adversity.