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The Laws of Eserine

Thus, it is written, thus mote it be.
      DM NOTE: Due to the nature of our game, Id rather not get bogged down in the logistics of laws and rules of Precursors. That being said here are some of the more blatant laws that govern Eserine and its continents.  


  The Precursors and Creations are governed supremely by The Eighth Ascendancy   


  Anything that causes physical harm to the Precursors or your fellows. (Murder, Man Slaughter, Rioting, injury, you get the gist.)       See: The Drugs of Eserine for laws regarding drug use.  

Creations lack the following Rights:

  Creations may not vote. They have no voice in governing actions.   Creations may not operate banks, they may use them but that's all. Banks are state owned.   Creations may not break curfew. (1am-6am)   Creations may not openly pray to deities. Or show overt displays of faith.   Creations may not own land in city proper. You are designated to live in the Undercroft.


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