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Escape Velocity Universe

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In the vastness of the universe, one galaxy has come together miraculously and formed a communication system- several primary species from various home planets working together to form their own cultures, languages, and communities. However, hundreds of years have passed since the Chimpkind invaded the galaxy and demanded land and resources from the other races, forming a system around them that would keep them from fighting back- The Universal Government. Homes have been torched, violent camps put in place, officers tearing families apart and kidnapping or "Relocating" children into military or scientific fields. Among the Universal Government's control is the organization Somapex, a branch of highly-classified government work that covers militant technology and cruel experiments. However, even in times of oppression, there will always be a resistance. The rebel crew we know in our story is one of many, fighting for the freedom of species all over the galaxy and the demolishment of the Universal Government once and for all.