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14 Kalad 138

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Ervelust is a world that is presently in an age of exploration. Once, the continent was ruled by the Empire of Nysia, a dictatorial nation that was led by a man who has been lost to time. Ruins of the Nysian Empire can be found all around the world, and are believed cursed.   With the discovery of the "New World" people from all walks of life have left Ervelust. Nobles looking to acquire new land, artisans hoping to keep their loved ones safe or looking to get a foothold in their field, and priests spreading the word of the gods have made the expedition. Adventurers, of course, have also made the journey.   With the the majority of the experienced adventurers in the New World things have become dangerous. Monsters of all sorts have been increasing in numbers the likes of which has not been seen since the Nysian Rebellion, and cults to evil deities have started making plays for power.   The gods themselves have begun to take notice of the state of the world, and some of them have begun to move. Will good triumph over evil? Or will the gods have no choice but to release Armageddon?

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