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Erset La Tari

Year of Faithful Service

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A world convulsing with change. Old Hierarchies breaking down, technological revolutions engendering political ones. Cities and states the known-world over are either embracing or resisting change with great fervour. Some have been gripped in a bloody and unrelenting Terror, others in harrowing Civil Wars. Some have engaged in new political experiments and others have tried to cling to the status quo.   Refugees from other Cities and States are common no matter where you find yourself in this world. With them they bring new ideas, beliefs, religions, cultures and languages- some of which are alien even to the most learned in the land.   The centre of this world is the Sada Emedu a sprawling city-state which was once the seat of great empire. It's leaders had long resisted the winds of change with cunning and violence but were recently overcome by a coalition of groups within the city. Their Army was beaten back and now only controls the fortified Citadel which is resupplied by sea- by allies unknown.   The coalition of unlikely allies, soon fell to bickering once the Royal Family and their troops were contained. An uneasy truce exists in the city which is kept largely by the city-guard, who had chosen to keep out of the fighting. Each day, tension builds in the city and the threat of counter attack by the royal forces is all that has kept the groups from further escalation.   In recent weeks, increasingly provocative actions have been taken by all sides and it will not take much to return to the blood and flame.